Longhorn Beef


At Crosshair cattle company we sell our lean Longhorn beef in bulk or by individual cut. All our beef is processed in USDA inspected facilities in accordance with the law (and our moral and ethical obligation to bring you the best product possible). Our cattle are ALWAYS treated humanely, NEVER given hormones and are free to roam on the west Texas ranch eating grass and doing those things cows do. We use organic practices but are not yet certified organic.
We make sure they have a good life with plenty of room to roam!

Cow Shares

Animals may be purchased whole, or by the 1/2 or 1/4.  

How It Works

You will need to place your order at least 5 weeks before you receive your product. This allows time for the animal to be harvested and the meat to be aged. The aging is essential to the texture and flavor of the beef! You will pay Crosshair Cattle Co in advance for your order and you will pay the butcher when you pick up your beef.

After harvesting, the beef will be taken directly to the butcher shop where it will be dry-aged for between 14-28 days. You may direct the aging and cutting process yourself.

The butcher will contact you directly for cutting instructions and pickup coordination. Between 14-28 days (to your specifications) the meat will be cut, wrapped and quick-frozen. You will pay the butcher, upon receipt of your beef, for 'Cut and Wrap' plus your portion of the harvest fee and any hanging charges.

Storing your beef

Your beef will come to you wrapped and frozen. You will need to have your freezer ready! The approximate amount of freezer space needed is 1 cubic ft for every 30lbs of meat.

How much beef is in a 1/2?

Amounts can vary depending on the size of the animal but 1/2 is approximately 175 lbs. This equates to 4 large produce boxes in volume. (Just to give you a rough idea of the space needed) 4 - 5 boxes for a half steer and 8 - 10 boxes for a whole steer.

Can I get the cuts I want?

Yes!! We work with different butchers and each butcher has their own policies but if you buy a 1/2 or whole you will definitely get to completely customize your order. This includes extra services such as thin slicing, tenderizing, smoking, jerky and sausage.

Individual Beef Pricing

Ground Beef - $7.00 lb
1/2 Lb. Burgers (4 pack) - $15.00

Rib Steak - $12.00 lb
Filet Mignon - $25.00 lb
Sirloin Steaks - $13.00 lb
Flank Steaks - $12.00 lb
Beef Chip Steak - $11.00 lb

Porterhouse Steaks - $18.00 lb
Delmonico Steaks - $15.00 lb
Chuck Steaks - $9.00 lb
Kabob Meat - $10.00 lb
Tenderized Cutlets- $10.00 lb

London Broil - $11.00 lb
Chuck Roast - $9.00 lb
Cross Rib Roast - $10.00 lb
Bolar Roast - $10.00 lb

Brisket - $11.00 lb
Brisket Beef Bacon - $20.00 lb

Beef Short Ribs - $9.00 lb
Full Rack Beef Ribs - $11.00 lb

Shin Beef / Beef Shanks - $3.00 per package

Soup Bones - $4.00 per bag
Marrow Bones - $15.00 per bag

Heart / Tongue / Kidneys - $4.00 lb
Liver (2 slices per package) - $7.00


Bulk Beef Pricing

$6.50 per lb on hanging weight
Plus your share of transport and harvest (approximately $150 for 1 steer)

1/4 steer - will yield approximately 80 - 150 lbs beef (hanging weight)
1/2 steer - will yield approximately 160 - 300 lbs beef
Whole steer will yield approximately 320 - 600 lbs beef

Add approximately $1 per lb. (hanging weight) for slaughter and processing, (which you will pay the butcher shop directly for). You may also have a hang charge for dry-aging. This is shop specific so be sure and ask the butcher.

Longhorn skulls and horns may be available. If you are interested please mention this when placing your order.

Visit our Cooking Tips page for FAQs and other information

Restaurants, Butchers or Grocer

If you desire to purchase your beef hanging we can accommodate you. Just give us a call or an email!


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